The Silence

The Silence - credit: Photo: Kazuyuki Funaki

Photo: Kazuyuki Funaki

The Silence

Nine Suns, One Morning

Nine Suns, One Morning will change the way you live and love, if you accept it into your life. To do so, just breathe — in through your nose, out…


Title Format Cat # Date
Nine Suns, One Morning LP+7"/CD/MP3/FLAC DC650 2016
Hark The Silence 2xLP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC619 2015
The Silence LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC615 2015


The Silence:
Masaki Batoh: Guitar and Vocal,  ex: Ghost
Futoshi Okano: Drums, ex: Ghost, Subvert Blaze
Ryuichi Yoshida: Baritone Saxophone and Flute
Taiga Yamazaki: Bass and Vocal