Major Stars

Major Stars - credit: Naomi Yang

Naomi Yang

Major Stars

Motion Set

Motion Set is a full throttle shredder!  Six-string nirvana times three from your favorite new/old Boston psych-warriors. 

Special silk-screened covers!


Title Format Cat # Date
Motion Set LP/MP3/FLAC DC660 2016
Decibels of Gratitude LP/CD Twisted Village / Important 2012
Return To Form LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC418 2010
Mirror/Messenger LP/CD/MP3/FLAC DC355 2007
"Portable Freak Factory" 7" Important 2007
Syntoptikon LP/CD Twisted Village/Important 2006
"Black Road" 7" Twisted Village 2005
4 LP/CD Twisted Village 2005
Live in Europa (split with Comets on Fire) LP Plastic 2003
Distant Effects LP/CD Squealer 2002
Space/Time LP/CD Twisted Village 1999
The Rock Revival LP/CD Twisted Village 1998
"Rock Sounds of People" 12"EP Twisted Village 1997